PetroServices Parsian Kish (PSPK) is a national oil and gas service company registered under the law of Iran with its principle office located in Tehran with more than 9 years of experience in various onshore and offshore rigs in Iran.


PSPK is registered in Kish island in Iran in 2006 through a joint-venture between PEDEM Parsian Kish which is an investor company and PetroServices GmbH which is an oil and gas service company headquartered in Magdeburg, Germany with its operation since 2001 in more than 10 countries. For more information about Petroservices GmbH, click here.

Delivering our services to Iranian oil and gas fields, we provide the most advanced German technology, software, equipment and trained staff and crew, through the joint-venture contract executed in 2006 with PetroServices GmbH. 


Respecting the laws of sanction imposed to Iran, PetroServices Parsian Kish supported the Iranian market as an independent Iranian company owning the most advanced German technology and equipment which helped us to handle formidable challenges and provide tailor-made solutions to meet our customers' needs.

The Company Organizational Structure is divided into divisions comprising Technical Support; Operations; HS&E and Quality Control, Financial, Contracting and Administration in order to optimize and deliver key business strategies while realizing operational efficiency.

The current structure supports the company's focus to build a national diversified group of
revenue-generating profit centers in partnership with the development of our commitment to excellence.