Cementing control unit


It is created for operational control and recording the cementing process, including control of  technological parameters of slurry, and other fluids during well construction.

CCU components:

  • Measuring unit, consisting of:Digital board
    • Ultrasonic flowmeter
    • Density meter (contactless)
    • Pressure sensor
    • Temperature sensor
    • Data acquisition unit
  • Power supply
  • Recording and processing data system, including:Set of cables
    • Notebook
    • Software



CCU has software that allows you :

  • Store data;
  • Calibrate sensors;
  • Measure a pressure value, density, flow rate and temperature of fluids;
  • Collect, process and transmit the data in computer and digital display;
  • Calculate a needed technological parameters;
  • Visualize a  measured data on a computer monitor;
  • Generate different reports and other function…

Software log example:

CCU advantages:

  • Real time control of cementing process 
  • Accurate measurement
  • Useful for any fluids
  • Compact design
  • Light weight 
  • Mobility and easy installation