Data acquisition system

Data acquisition unit (DAQ) TVR 60-8A

  • Analog to digital conversion of slowly changing positive current signals on 60 current channels.
  • Measuring of angular move of two phase draw works revolutions sensor
  • Measuring of frequency on eight channels (pulse/sec) with further conversion of the obtained values into current or voltage.
  • Definition of conditions on eight channels.
  • Closing-unclosing of normally open "dry" contacts on eight channels.
  • Power supply to sensors (barriers) + 24V.
  • Digital data transfer to the unit computer via RS-422/485 interface in conformity with the exchange protocol.
  • Data acquisition unit is equipped with the keyboard beeper and a password protection against unauthorized change of data.

Technical Data

  • Supply voltage DC: 5V "from USB or external power supply".
  • Power Consumption: max. 7.5 VA.
  • Interface between PCB and computer: USB cable "male/male".
  • Max. input frequency "Freq. channels": 1 KHz.
  • Operation temperature : up to 50°C.

Display Recorder "touch screen"

It is a chartless high-end display recorder in 300 mm x 300 mm format with 12.1" Color- TFT-Display.
Power consumption: max 7.5 VA.

Recorder Transokomp 350

Transokomp 350 is configurable microprocessor multipoint data recorder for up to 30 channels. Connection of thermocouples, resistive sensors and voltage transducers is direct. Whereas current signals are connected via external shunts. Measuring ranges and sensor types can be configured easily via the built-in key panel.

The raster scan method and the improved dot-matrix printing system permits recording of max.30 channels plus 30 additional calculated values in 2 seconds. This simultaneous recording optimizes the accuracy and ensures reliable data analysis. For optimizing data evaluation, there are optional arithmetic functions with them Transokomp 350 can execute analyses for which other recorders require a separate computer. The input signals can be DC voltage or current, thermocouples, resistance and logic signals.

Input module

universal (DC voltage, RTD, TC. DI), DCV/TC/DI. (Dedicated input)

Communication interface module


PetroServices DAQ PRO

Petroservices DAQ "data pro (it is a backup DAQ) This DAQ is mainly an electronic board that implements the functions of a complete data acquisition system.

This PCB can deal with the following inputs

40 analog channels 8 frequency channels "0-1 KHz" 4 up/down counter channels
All the inputs are connected to PCB via 3 flat cables "1" for digital inputs and "2" for analog inputs. The PCB is connected to computer by a USB cable "male/male" and transmits all data to computer using the software included with DAQ.

Technical Data

Supply voltage DC: 5V "from USB or external power supply".
Power Consumption: 
Interface between PCB and computer: USB cable "male/male".
Max. input frequency "Freq. channels": 1 KHz.
Operation temperature : up to 50°C.

Up/down counters

  • Display unit with analogue output for different operation modes.
  • Tachometer, frequency meter.
  • Counter for positions and events.
  • Baking time, processing time (reciprocal speed).
  • Timer, stopwatch.
  • Speed display from delay between start/stop inputs.
  • Typical application for PetroServices MLU: it works as an up/down counter with the draw work sensor with digital display and analog output fed to the data acquisition system which delivers these data into the online system to specify the depth and rate of penetration "ROP" on PetroServices software.

Frequency converter

The universal frequency converter (UFC) is a device that converts input pulses "freq. signal" into analog output current or voltage. The device is marked with "Ex" so, it's suitable for the connection of field devices used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Field circuits for this device are intrinsically safe and are galvanic isolated from non-intrinsically safe circuits. The device thus establishes an electromagnetic separation between the potentially explosive atmospheres and the safe areas in a system.Typical applications for the universal frequency converter (UFC) are SPM and RPM measurements.

Geological equipments

Stereo microscope with digital camera

Stereo digital microscope consists of two different digital imaging chip options as well as two different bases. Denoted by the letter "W" for manual white balance, the DMW microscopes feature a multiple output CCD imaging chip, while the DM units have a high resolution digital only imaging sensor inside the head of the zoom microscope. 

The digital camera inside the microscope enables the user to

  • Show the samples photos on PC using a USB cable.
  • Zoom the taken photos on PC.
  • Modify these shots using the given software.

Sensitive shale density balance

Sensitive balance is used to precisely determine the weight of small samples "not more than 200gm", this target in PetroServices MLU is specially made to be used for calcimetery and also for "shale density" determination. To measure the shale density with this balance; we need the auxiliary kit for shale density which is ordered separately.

Ultra violet box with portable light

The CN-6 darkroom delivers with one or two hand held UV lamps (VL-6 model) in any of the three following wavelengths: 254, 365 or 312 nm. The darkroom is supplied without lamps and allows different lighting possibilities according to user's choice.

Key features

  • Large capacity.
  • Large black rubber curtain for easy access to the inside.
  • UV absorber shield to protect the user from the UV light.
  • Removable lamps that can be used for hand held applications.
  • Single or dual wavelength.
  • Long life filter and high UV output.
  • Ondulex ® reflector & aluminum housing for increased durability.
  • Easy to handle; stand or holder to add versatility.

Technical Data

Box model: CN-6 .
UV lamp model: VL-6.L.
Tubes (Watt): 1 x 6 -Watt.
Wavelength (nm): 365.
Intensity at 15 cm (µw/cm2): 700.
Box size- W X D X H (mm): 300 x 280 x 240.